Denis Grignon – Bilingual comedian

Knowing the audience is paramount for a stand-up comic – at least, for a smart and conscientious one.  When it comes to empathizing with corporate culture Denis can relate. He spent 10 years as an on-air staff reporter and documentary producer with CBC Radio, where he is still a frequent contributor. His writing has been featured in the Toronto Star, the National Post as well as numerous periodicals. He’s even contributed feature articles for the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s magazines . Denis is insightful enough to know what his audience wants…and funny enough to deliver it.

“The standing ovation you received was well-deserved….your act was ‘clean’ and you included the guest of honour in your jokes without insulting him.”
Canadian Tire – Cornwall

“Fantastic… A most entertaining part of our evening. The crowd at our awards ceremony was very receptive to your performance.”
Port Hope Chamber of Commerce

“I really can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard I cried and I can tell you that looking around the room there were a few others having a hard time staying on their chairs from laughing so hard. I was looking for something a little different from previous years and hit on a true winner with you.”
Osgoode Properties – Ottawa

“A brilliant performance…you made the transition from dinner to the remainder of the evening so interesting. The fact that your act is not in the least R-Rated makes it an appropriate choice for any function.”
Lauria Pontiac Buick – Port Hope

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