Fire Weavers

Set to a vibrant fusion of electronic and world beat music, this is a beautiful, feminine show unlike any other.

Two women weave illuminated patterns of fire in a breathtaking performance of dance and fire artistry. The graceful movement and the hypnotic effect of skilfully manipulating fire create an original form of dance that keeps the audience mesmerized.

The Fire Weavers show is a product of years of practice and training. A high level of technical skill and artistic presentation has made them a crowd favourite both on stage and on the streets.

Solo fire show
Add a high caliber fire dancing performance at your event. A solo fire dancer will add excitement and make your event memorable. The solo fire show is an unforgettable 15 minute performance.

Fire dancing duet or trio show
If your budget permits, hire two or all three of us to offer a unique performance that involves close up partner fire dancing choreography done only by a few other fire performers in the world. The fire dancing duet or trio is an unforgettable 20 minute performance.

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