There’s a lot more to inflatables these days than just bouncers! The interactive inflatable industry is seeing huge growth, which has lead to more kinds of inflatables, and increasingly creative options. The list below covers just a few of the options we can provide. Please drop us a line and we can suggest the perfect inflatable for your next event.



The basic idea that started it all, bouncers are no longer just small “bouncy castle” designs. Modern bouncers come in a dizzying array of design, often with additional features like slides built in.


Inflatable slides have become immensely popular, largely due to their large size. Rising 35′ or more into the air, these inflatables usually have multiple sliding lanes and are some of the most stunning looking inflatables around.

Obstacle Courses

These large, elaborate inflatables usually feature a multiple lane “race track” and incorporate a slide. The running lanes have inflatable barriers that kids have to dodge around, or short tunnels that have to be crawled under.

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